In this post I will summarise the main questions that wannabe games testers usually have, and the main things I have posted so far in this blog (if you are too lazy to read it all hehe)

1. How do I become a video game tester?

Read all the information on this site. Be proactive – search the internet for genuine job listings. Check all of the games publisher’s websites, check online games industry jobs agencies, join recruitment agencies that deal with games testing job vacancies, and send off speculative CV’s. Don’t give up. It’s a popular job, and the competition will be high, so you need to keep trying until you succeed.

2. How much does a video game tester get paid?

Starting salaries are in the $10 – $15 region, although this can rise with experience. (im getting $30 per hour after 2 years on the job)3

3. Is being a video game tester an easy job?

I don’t believe so. There is a lot more to the job than just having fun playing games. You will need to be observant, play the game repetitively, and compile reports on bugs you have discovered.

4. I can’t find a job, what am I doing wrong?

Have you checked your resume? It’s important to spend the time building a really good professional looking resume that demonstrates you have the necessary skills to be a video game tester. Also remember that you can’t expect to find a job straight away, keep searching and keep applying, and something will come through eventually. There are no magic quick fixes. However, the main thing companies will be looking for is a passion for gaming.

5. Is it possible to make a career of video game testing?

Yes! There are many opportunities for development and progression open to you. Most people move on to games design and senior testing roles.

6. What countries are video game tester jobs available in?

Mainly in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. But there are many jobs available throughout Europe and some in the rest of the world. Iwas actually suprised at how many jobs there where all over the world, although there are more in the USA.