Lets face it – game tester jobs are rare, very rare. Not a day goes by when I am not thankful I got a head start in the industry. Finding a job can be really hard, and in many ways is the hardest part about getting a game testing job. Check out below for an example of what a game tester advert looks like – although it is rare for games publishers to advertise online as they will usually go via agencies they trust. You will never find job opportunities within game companies such as Sony, Activision and EA. They are the biggest game development companies in the world and are never recruiting due to the fact that they have a huge team already built up within their own company. This is why it is so important to try and make contacts in the industry and get in touch with recruitment agencies who deal with games related vacancies – you want to find out as early as possible when a new vacancy is advertised.

Anyway – here is an ad you may find for a video game tester role:

Job Description
– Game testing and proof-reading
– Identifying and reporting linguistic errors and game defects
– General tasks related to the quality assurance (QA) process

Skills Required
– Excellent native-level English with a keen eye for mistakes
– Good communication skills

– Knowledge of MMORPG (world of warcraft in particular)
– Knowledge of role-playing and console games

Rate of Pay: $12 per hour + overtime

Contract type: Project-based (flexible duration, full- or part-time)

Starting Date: Beginning of June

Position based in: Los Angeles, USA

Hope you found this helpful. I wanted to teach you all how to become a video game tester.